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Stihl Trimmer Quiet Line (.065 in. x 65FT)

Stihl Trimmer Quiet Line (.065 in. x 65FT)


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STIHL Quiet Line™ incorporates spiral grooves that greatly reduce wind noise. This trimmer line is primarily used with corded-electric and battery-powered line trimmers, which operate much quieter than gasoline-powered models. Use this trimmer line when working on properties in areas with noise restrictions.


  • Color-Coded - 

    Nylon lines are color-coded to easily define the diameter of the cutting line. STIHL offers trimmer lines in all standard sizes including .065 (blue), .080 (light green), .095 (orange), .105 (red), .118 (yellow), .130 (black), and .155 (dark green) diameters. Consult your trimmer instruction manual or visit your local authorized STIHL Dealer to find out which size is right for your trimmer.
  • Variations Available - 

    This product is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. See dealer for details.
  • Quiet Operation - 

    This product is ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

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