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Warren Distribution Gear Oil, 80W90, 1-Qt.

Warren Distribution Gear Oil, 80W90, 1-Qt.

Warren Distribution

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Featuring MAG 1® with FMX® Technology – Friction Management for Xtreme protection™. MAG 1® provides unsurpassed protection and performance.

MAG 1® 80W-90 Gear Oil is specially formulated for multipurpose, extreme pressure applications, including conventional differentials, gear boxes, limited slip rear axles, manual transmissions and hypoid gears. Contains only high-quality lubricating oils and the most technologically advanced additive system, which includes extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-friction agents, and oxidation and corrosion inhibitors. Benefits include:

Superior protection against wear, especially under extreme pressure and high torque operation.
High resistance to thermal breakdown.
Helps prevent foaming, rust and corrosion.
Smooths and quiets operation.

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